ICW Adventures

November 2017 – We continue to plug along Southbound at a blistering (walking) pace and have now made it to Ponte Vedra, Florida, where we are spending Thanksgiving weekend with Karl's cousin Alejandro, wife Vivi, and their three lovely kids, to whom Karl is godfather to the youngest, Massimo.  In general, cooler and shorter days … Continue reading ICW Adventures

One Month In…

June 2017 – Hard to believe, but it has been over one month since we launched Contigo! In that time, we have experienced a lot of “firsts” including: acquiring a dinghy (affectionately known as “Booey”, though Mr. Esworthy you do still have official naming rights), braving the Atlantic Ocean, and finding purpose for that mysterious black button in the galley next to our stove (pumps out excess water accumulated in the fridge).