Two Fish Jump Ship

February 2017 – 

In January, we returned to Brooklyn from a sunny holiday in Costa Rica visiting Karl’s family, and our revitalized selves switched into selling mode. We tried to sell just about everything but our bed and nightstand tables through Craigslist, AptDeco, and our building’s listserv website.  The process – particularly sales through Craigslist – proved to be an entertaining one, as we met all sorts of interesting people coming through our front door.  They were also our first blog followers (or its skeleton), since we figured linking our blog to sale listings lent credence to our story that we really were trying to get rid of almost everything!

There was also something special about meeting buyers and believing our belongings were going to homes where they would continue to be loved and cherished.  Packing, organizing, and divesting our worldly possessions is hunger-inducing work.  Karl refueled us with a mooing steak to support our centralized merchandising activities one afternoon.

Over just a few weeks, our Brooklyn apartment was transformed into a blank slate for the next tenants.  Our feelings were bittersweet: the excitement of the journey ahead made real by an emptying apartment, coupled with dashes of “OK, this is happening” semi-terror.  As our yoga instructor put it one morning, “Focus on the gifts, otherwise you’ll panic!”

While Karl’s colleagues supplied him with some essential sailboat gear (including a treasure map, parrot, and hoop earring), my former colleagues and I gathered over glasses of wine. That’s the amazing Marisa and Kristina below at Aldo Sohm Wine Bar – what a gift to be flanked by these ladies. Their parting gifts included luxurious face masks, creams, and sunscreen. Together these items will enable me to maintain some semblance of femininity aboard Contigo.

Our last night in the city was spent with the group I originally met through Karl in 2006. The group has grown (happily, to assimilate me as well!) and evolved over the past 10 years, but the common thread remains that we love to gather together over good food and wine.  Our nights of multiple bottles of Sangiovese and “vintage pappardelle” at our neighborhood spot In Vino behind us, we decided to go potluck and cooked at Blaine’s apartment in Soho. Karl made shrimp fried rice, while Blaine and Steve sous vide pork. Our dinner was accompanied by a selection of “greatest hits” red wine (as deemed by this group): The Prisoner, Decoy, Lyeth… The clear favorites were freshly baked madeleines made by our in-house patisserie chef and Jamie’s better half, Jen 🙂

Moving day started at 5AM on February 6th – we packed up our remaining items and made one final left onto Boerum Place from Livingston Street.